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1245 E Forest Ave, Suite 3,
Des Plaines, IL 60018
Phone: (224) 567-8418

The Story

marie miller fine art photographer

I am Marie, a Chicago-based fine art wedding and professional headshot photographer. With over 15 years of experience self-employed as an "Artrepreneur," I am an accomplished artist and technical designer with expansive knowledge in Art and Design. A multidisciplinary background, ranging from Engineer to Oil Painter, has greatly inspired my photography and cinematography. With technical skills, proficiency in fine art composition and theory, and a keen eye for design, I strive to bring knowledge and expertise to every project.


I've had the pleasure of working with top executives, international corporations, and even photographed cabinet and senate members. Additionally, I have had the privilege of photographing new clients, only a few days young, filming the joy when two hearts become one, capturing the intimate unspoken conversation between a mother and her expected child, and making friends with whom I will always feel connected through those unforgettable moments. Whether documenting a family's treasured memories, capturing an exquisite bride on her wedding day, or carefully crafting a top CEO's headshot, I take pride in composing captivating and engaging visual narratives that tell their stories.


My passion for creative photography began when I was very young and developed a more profound purpose with age; preserving life's memories. As a mother of three, I understand the importance of cherishing fleeting moments, and I bring that same dedication to my work with clients. Photography is more than just a medium to me; it's a way of conveying thoughts and emotions, telling a story, recording history, and taking someone on a journey back in time- all without ever saying a word.


As a fine art wedding photographer, I capture one of life's most significant moments. From the joy and excitement of getting engaged to the magic of a wedding day, I aim to capture the details that make each wedding and couple unique. As a professional headshot photographer, I use lighting, posing psychology, and composition expertise to sculpt the photo around the subject to create striking and memorable headshots.


I am dedicated to serving the local community and surrounding suburbs of Chicago. Whether you're looking for a fine art wedding photographer, a professional headshot photographer, or a wedding videographer, I have the skills and experience to deliver top-quality results and experience spanning large corporate conferences to intimate elopements, and I am always eager to take on new challenges.

Have questions or want to set up a consultation? Contact me!

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