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Chicago Portrait Photographer - Editing Process

Updated: Mar 17, 2023

Photoshop edit examples for portraits

By: Marie Miller - Professional Portrait Photographer

The Photo Retouching and Editing Process

Some of the questions I'm often asked when consulting with clients or going through the session gallery proofing process with them-

"What kind of edits are performed for my album photo choices?"

"Can you smooth skin texture/tone?"

I'm having a problem skin week, can you remove this blemish?"

"I love this photo... is there any way to adjust the lighting so it looks more like this?"

This shot was ruined by a photobomber/car/pigeon/etc but it was perfectly captured... if only we could remove the distraction. Is there any way we can crop it out without ruining the photo?"

"It's been a long day (or a humid day) and my hair is frizzing. Can we remove the hair flyaways?" The lighting/makeup/shadow/etc is making my skin look uneven, blotchy, or not true. Can you even out my skin tone or compensate for bad lighting?"

The answer to these (and many other) questions is Yes! We will work our photoshop magic *poof* and remove all the distracting or worrisome issues so that you can enjoy your session or event day and the photographs for years to come. Your chosen images will be corrected for all the above situations. In addition, we'll also take care of things like under or overexposure, color correction/color matching (white balance), distracting wardrobe creases, highlighting/contouring to accentuate natural anatomy, studio background/backdrop stretching, removing creases and dark shadows and whatever other little edits necessary to highlight our subjects in the best light!

It sounds like a lot of editing - and it is (trust me, I spend endless days working on photos after each photography session or event). And, although many retouching edits happen to tighten up the final album photos, the overall effect is subtle and not meant disingenuously alter my subjects, but only to accentuate their natural anatomy and correct things that may distract, dull, or take away from the beautiful moment captured.

Here are some photo examples-

Skin texture and tone smoothing, harsh highlight removal, blemish removal

Chicago Portrait photographer photoshop

Lighting correction (brightening), skin texture smoothing, dark eye shadow minimized

Chicago Portrait photography blemish removal

Evened skin tone, texture smoothing, color balance

chicago suburb photography studio texture skin

Distracting background car removed

Des Plaines photo studio portraits

Stretched background and special effects editing for a creative maternity photo

creative maternity photography chicago area

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